CNC Panel Sizing Center RSSAW Series-3300

CNC Panel Sizing Center RSSAW Series-3300

Perfect Electronic Sawing Machine

It can be widely used in furniture factory, wooden box packaging, hardware, electrical appliances, composite materials, handicrafts and so on.

The electronic sawing machine can not only improve the production efficiency and reduce the cost of labor, but also improve the competitive advantage of the factory, and make the production of furniture grow steadily.

The efficiency of the electrical sawing machine is at least 6-8 times of the hand saws. By 6 calculations, it saves 10 people,In addition,its high efficiency, high precision and high safety performance save more cost for enterprises



Suitable for:

Cabinetry - Kitchen, door, closet, panel furniture, cabinet, wood chair, all kinds of wood production and more

Standard Woodworking - Furniture, shop fitting, plastic, PVC, insulating part, epoxy resin, ABS sheet, Organic glass, acrylic, artificial stone, aluminum, production and more



Overview and Features:

Our CNC Panel Sizing Center is Electronic Cutting Saw, it is a fully automatic CNC cutting plate saw which is widely used in panel materials. Electronic cutting saw adopts PLC control or CNC control, CNC positioning and man-machine integration operation, after input of the target size and number of target to the machine touch screen, meanwhile starting the machine, the electronic opening saw can make a continuous cutting by reservation according to the requirements.


  1. Hig precision. When the electronic sawing machine works, the sawing carriage moves back and forth automatically through the linear guides. The mechanical grippers automatically grab the working sheet to carry out feeding. Through the coopetation of the electromagnetic measurement system, the electronic ruler, the AC servo motor performing precision positioning and precision compensation, the error can reach as low as 0.02mm.

  2. High efficiency. After entering the touching screen, the worker input the size and number of needed materials into the operation software and place the working sheets onto the working table. After starting the machine, the machine can make continuous processing of the working plates, the following working plates will be feeded and re-position after the previous working pieces are pushed out. It can saw three overlayed sheets, the efficiency is three times than the old sliding table saws.

  3. Excellent cutting effect. The electronic sawing machine configure with one big blade and one small blade. All the sawing carriage are installed with high speed bearings and precision pulley. The sawing carriage runs smoothly on the linear precision guide, without concussion, the straightness excellent, the edge no broken,accurate sawing size. The edge is well sealed, and the cutting effect is good.

  4. Superb operation and safe. The machine is without manual intervention in the process of sawing materials.Once the plates are loaded, machines can be operated by a newer. And the feeding port is equipped with a manual drawing line emergency stop device and the output port configured the photoelectric induction device to ensure the safety of the person, the infrared ray can scan to prevent the accident to stop the machine once there are objects sinking in 10cm distance from the blade.



Technical Specification:

Processing plate size ( Width, Thickness)3200,100mm
Table size3400*2350mm
Transmission SystemX/Y rack and pinion drive
TableGalvaniztion Working Table with Air, three piece
Sawing big and small Motor power15kw and 2.2kw
Main Saw (big saw) DiameterMax 450mm ( inner hole 75mm)
Small Saw Diameter160mm (inner hole 45mm)
GirderAlloy Aluminum Construction Beam
Sawing speed48m/min( for x y z )
Gripper10 unit
Processing Precision+/- 0.02mm
Driving systemDelta AC servo motors
ControllerPLC or CNC SYSTEM
Working Pressure0.6-0.8Mpa
Total Power22.4kw



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