CNC FIVE-FACES Processing Center RS5D Series

CNC FIVE-FACES Processing Center RS5D Series

Maximunm Efficiency WITH an Automatic Loading Pallet

More Features for New Generation CNC Five Faces Drilling Machine

Easily fix workingpieces to accomplish multi faces working by mechanical grippers.

Simplify working processing technology to accomplish reversing workingpieces with zero erros.

One Person to finish all processing, loading and unloading automatically.

Intelligent link to other nested based manufacturing machines.




Suitable for:

Cabinetry - Kitchen, door, closet, panel furniture, cabinet, wood chair, all kinds of wood production and more

Standard Woodworking - Furniture, shop fitting, plastic, PVC, insulating part, epoxy resin, ABS sheet, Organic glass, acrylic, artificial stone, aluminum, production and more


Overview and Features:

  1. CNC Five Faces Drilling Machine is the innovative numerical control processing centre that can process panels of different formats in sequence and in correct time. It's ideal for the non-standard productions of big scale companies where personalization becomes the standard, for making small batches for customers, and for those requiring just-in-time flexible production.

  2. CNC Five Faces Drilling Machine can fix any working piece ( wood board or MDF sheet and so on) by one time clamping to accomplish multi faces working, simplify the whole processing technology,shorten the process and improve the processing efficiency. The error problem caused by multiple clamping is solved thoroughly,meanwhile, the work difference is reduced and the machining precision is improved.

  3. CNC Five Face drilling Machine, with working spindle, can slot and cut circles or any irregular patterns, such as the circular slots on the computer table, as long as the furniture design software can generate processing program, the equipment can be automatically processed according to the program; its operation is efficient. The general plate furniture dismantling design software will generate two programs, one is the program for cutting, the other is the procedure of drilling and slotting; the front end can be a woodworking numerical control opening machine or an electronic saw cutting maching, and the back end is for CNC Five Faces or Sides Drilling Machine to finish.

  4. CNC Five Face drilling Machine, one person to operate, it is pass type machine, automaticly position and process, without frequent movement (similar to PTP CNC Router with suction table); automatic producing line more flexiblely, it can support with mechanical hand and intelligent scan queuing codes, process automaticly in small batch with codes.Its capacity raise higherly.8 hours of processing capacity of 80 panels a day, which is an essential equipment for small and medium-sized furniture manufacturers.




Technical Specification:

Travelling size ( x y z )4200*1800*250mm
Processing plate size ( L W H)2440,1200,60mm
Table size3400*2350mm
Transmission SystemX/Y rack and pinion drive, Z ball screw drive
TableAluminum Table.
Spindle power4.5kw Italy HSD or Hetico
Spindle speed18000r/min
Boring Unit( Gang Drill )Vertical Drilling: 5(y)+4(x); Horizontal Drilling: 2(L)+2(R)+2(F)+2(B)
Max Travelling speed100,60,30m/min( for x y z )
Max Working speed30m/min
Processing Precision+/- 0.02mm
Tool magazine CarouselNone
Tool holdersER
Driving system Delta
Working Pressure0.6-0.8Mpa
Total Power16.7kw


More Power Italy HSD or Hetico Spindle, or ATC spindle with rotary tooling disk.

Siemens System and completed sets of servo units. With the function of on line simulation and on line monitoring.

Alloy Aluminum Tale to replace.

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